Azar suits, your premiere online outlet for menswear, has one huge benefit over its flagship store, Zanipolo, located in downtown Los Angeles’ Fashion district – no salespeople! You’re welcome to choose from hundreds of styles, colors, and attire from the comfort of your own computer. Our mission statement is simple: “Investment in Good Appearance”. We only have the best looks and you won’t have to open your wallet very wide to take advantage of our affordable prices for all guests.

Our newly-optimized website offers a size chart, customer alterations, and customer service consultants, our online store works around the clock to promise only the easiest shopping experience for every guy – from first-time prom-goers to experienced wedding guests (if picking out a new suit isn’t the best part of going to weddings, it’s the free food).

Azar Suits – this year’s go-to online hub for quality, affordable menswear- is a lightning in a bottle business, stemming from an already successful mainstay in downtown Los Angeles’ Fashion District, the men’s suit store known as Zanipolo. The name “Zanipolo” means Little Gift of God and this hub of modern day menswear is certainly something special in the world of fashion.

Been to a lot of weddings and need a tweak in your trousers so you can fit in them again? We give 2 inch alterations to all pants, so don’t be shy to email our customer service team for all your tailoring needs! Your buddy throwing a shotgun wedding in Las Vegas and you need a quick look? Our 1 day shipping will deliver your suits to your doorstep before the groom delivers his vows.

Azar suit’s slogan – Investment in Good Appearance – beckons the customer to push the limits in updating his wardrobe for the present day. This store has it all, from contemporary tuxedos to shimmering sheer dress shoes and everything in between.

With such deals as free skinny ties with any tuxedo and flat rate domestic shipping, Azarsuits has dominated the Fashion District in the past decade. Opening a new warehouse only a block away from its existing walk-in store, Zanipolo, the online outlet Azar suits promotes only the best savings on suits in town and around-the-clock delivery to retailers and households alike.

Just got invited to friend’s wedding or asked out for prom last minute? Azar suits guarantees shipment the next day with only 1 day handling, delivering in less time it takes for a bride to pick out her wedding gown in person.

With hundreds of looks to choose from, each piece comes to fruition by hand-sketched custom designs. For all the foodies or exercise gurus, Azar suits promises to give 2 inch alterations to all pants too. I mean, this is Hollywood, right? Everyone aims to look their best!

Distributing to retailers or tuxedo shops around Southern California, Azar Suits is no stranger to international shipping as well, having done done business in Russia, Brazil, and China for years. Want to do business with us? Send an email to our customer service team!

Ask us about our custom tailoring and wedding packages as well by sending an email to our customer service team or walking into our flagship store, Zanipolo located in the heart of Los Angeles. We treat all our customers like family and tailor to kids and adults. Let’s make your best looks in life happen – from bar mitzvahs, proms, weddings, and all the milestones in between!